Yuan Zhou

Yuan Zhou

Research Associate

Kobe University

I’m a research associate at Graduate School of Law, Kobe University. I specialize in international relations and political communication, focusing on China. I also work in quantitative research methods, especially quantitative text analysis. I received my Ph.D. in political science from Kobe University in 2023.

My work has appeared or will soon appear in peer-reviewed journals such as Social Science Computer Review, Asian Journal of Communication, and Journal of Human Rights.

  • International Relations
  • Political Communication
  • Text Analysis
  • Game Theory
  • Network Analysis
  • Bayesian Modeling
  • PhD in Political Science, 2023

    Kobe University

  • M.A. in Political Science, 2020

    Kobe University

  • M.A. in International Relations, 2017

    Xinjiang Normal University

  • B.A. in Japanese Studies, 2009

    Shanghai Maritime University


Journal Articles

Yuan Zhou, Ghashia Kiyani, and Charles Crabtree. Forthcoming. “New Evidence that Naming and Shaming Influences State Human Rights Practices.” Journal of Human Rights. Link

Yuan Zhou. 2022. “China’s Mediated Public Diplomacy towards Japan: A Text-as-Data Approach.” Asian Journal of Communication, 32(4): 327-345. Link

Kohei Watanabe and Yuan Zhou. 2022. “Theory-Driven Analysis of Large Corpora: Semi- Supervised Topic Classification of the UN Speeches.” Social Science Computer Review, 40(2): 346-366. Link

Yuan Zhou and Kaoru Kurusu. 2021. “How Major Powers Diverge on Global Governance? Evidence from the UN General Debate.” Kobe University Law Review, 54: 63-80. Link

Naoko Matsumura and Yuan Zhou. 2020. “Googling the World Health Organization during the COVID-19 Crisis.” Kobe University Law Review, 53: 51-71. Link

Yuan Zhou and Jing Shi. 2016. “Japan’s Official Development Assistance towards Central Asian States” (in Chinese). Journal of International Economic Cooperation, 371(11): 86-91. Link

Yuan Zhou and Jing Shi. 2015. “The Evaluation System of Japan’s Official Development Assistance and Its Implications” (in Chinese). Journal of International Economic Cooperation, 358(10): 86-91. Link

Book Chapters

Yuan Zhou, Sandrine Boudana, and Elad Segev. 2021. “Provocation Narratives in Chinese and US Newspapers.” In Semantic Network Analysis in Social Sciences, ed. Elad Segev (Routledge), 53-71. Link

Current Research

Book Project

The Domestic Sources of China’s Foreign Propaganda: Theory and Empirics

Working Paper

Yuan Zhou, Lungta Seki, Tetsuro Kobayashi, and Asako Miura. “Persuasiveness of Undemocratic Narratives from Authoritarian States.”

Ghashia Kiyani, Yuan Zhou, and Charles Crabtree. “Naming and Shaming and Women Rights Practices: Evidence from Human Rights Texts.”

Haichun Yu and Yuan Zhou. “Russia-Ukraine War on Chinese Social Media.”

Xiaoyu Pu, Chengli Wang, and Yuan Zhou. “Censor and Sensibility: How Beijing Manages the US Embassy’s Social Media in China.”

Duancheng Yang, Yuan Zhou, and Yun-han Chu. “What Kind of Democracy do Chinese People Want? Chinese Perceptions of Democracy Reconsidered.”



International Politics, Osaka University of Economics, Spring, 2023

Teaching Assistant

Political Research Design (Prof. Naofumi Fujimura), Kobe University, Spring, 2022.

Macro Political Data Analysis (Prof. Jaehyun Song), Kansai University, Fall, 2021.

Micro Political Data Analysis (Prof. Jaehyun Song), Kansai University, Spring, 2021.

Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis (Prof. Stefan Müller), Kobe University, August, 2019.

Introduction to Social Research (Prof. Naoko Matsumura), Kobe University, Spring, 2019.